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    Our staff are dedicated to producing the highest quality technology products that further the mission. We have diverse backgrounds across both mission and IT.

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More About Us

What we do.

We blend mission expertise with strong technology backgrounds to provide world-class support to our clients across a number of service areas.

Project Management.

Our staff have experience managing projects of all shapes and sizes, from small software development efforts to larger mission programs. Our mission experience allows us to be effective leaders.

Web Development.

We develop software applications to further the mission using a variety of languages. Our staff enjoy bringing new commercial technologies to our mission customers.


We have experience developing native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. Mobile applications developed by our staff have been downloaded by millions of users worldwide.

Targeting and Analysis.

We have experience providing mission support in the areas of targeting and analysis.

Data Science.

We understand data. Our background in technology helps us collect, transform, and understand data to draw quality conclusions.


M1 Technology is looking for staff with mission or technology expertise to provide support to our clients. Many companies offer "competitive benefits." Our low overhead approach blows competitive benefits out of the water.


M1 Technology's low overhead approach allows our staff to be well-compensated while still offering low rates for our clients.

Paid Time Off.

Does your company offer you more PTO than you can take in a year because you have to meet billability requirements? We offer generous PTO and allow staff to flex hours within a month to provide a true work-life balance.

Federal Holidays

Built in allowance to account for all 10 Federal Holidays, enjoy the day off or float it to another time of the work the year.

401k Plan.

We offer a 401k match program with instant vesting.

Training, Membership, and Conferences.

Employees are reimbursed for training, membership in professional societies, and conference attendance. Did you ever want to go to a conference to learn something, but your company couldn't afford it? Not here!

Referral and Retention Program.

For each employee referred, M1 Technology employees receive a SIGNIFICANT referral bonus on the referral's yearly anniversary. And for every year that both the employee and the referral remain at the company, the employee receives a retention bonus - Happy Anniversary!

Bonus Eligibility.

Senior staff enjoy bonus eligibility based on individual and company performance.

Technology stipend.

All staff are eligible to receive reimbursement for technology expenses (cell phones, computer, tablet) each year.

Cell Phone Reimbursement.

All staff receive reimbursement for cell phone services.

Internet Reimbursement.

All staff receive reimbursement for home internet services.



Stratostore is a secure multi-cloud storage platform that is used to store sensitive data and mitigate the risk of insider threats. Click here to learn more.

Open Contract Vehicles.

GSA IT Schedule 70

M1 Technology is on the GSA IT Schedule 70. Our contract number is 47QTCA19D003D. Detailed information can be seen in the GSA Library.

More information about purchasing services through GSA IT Schedule 70 can be found on the GSA Website.

Reach out.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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